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frequently asked questions

  • What is web hosting?
  • Web hosting allows you to publish your site. You will need a web hosting service to publish the site so that users can see it online.
  • Do I Need Technical Knowledge to purchase Web Hosting?
  • We have made our web hosting services accessible to everyone. We’ve designed our control panel so it’s easy to manage your domains and web hosting in one place. If you have never used web hosting, our support team is available on the phone and online to help you.
  • How long does it take to configure web hosting?
  • Setting up web hosting is quick and easy. It takes 10 to 20 minutes to configure the web hosting package.
  • Do I Need a Domain from SiteBunker to be able to buy Web Hosting?
  • No, you can already have a registered domain somewhere else and we can transfer it. Otherwise, if you want, you can register a domain here.
  • What is the difference between Linux and Windows web hosting?
  • Linux and Windows are two different operating systems. The operating system you use on your computer should not determine your choice.
    For example, if your computer is run by Microsoft Windows, Linux hosting will work as well as Windows hosting. The decision between Linux and Windows web hosting depends on your web building style. If you want to use PHP or MySQL Linux is the one for you.
    However, if you want to include searchable databases and specific Windows applications, such as ASP, then choose Windows web hosting.