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A bunker might not seem great to you, but for your site it is the ideal lodging.

Yes, your online store is cool from head to toe. From name to products. But without proper hosting, the quality of your business is doomed. Luckily, you got Sitebunker.


5,00 /month


10,00 /month


15,00 /month

Start Plus

20,00 /month

Enterprise Plus

30,00 /month

All hosting plans benefit from FREE automatic daily backup in an external location.

3 months free*

We get it, past experiences have left you with a bitter taste and you’re a bit skeptical of our claims. Then, how does 30 days free of charge for sampling?

All you have to do is contact us and we will give you 3 months of the contract for free. We will also be to transfer your site from another provider for no extra charge.

*only applicable to yearly payment

We’ll transfer your site for free

If you have up to 3 months of hosting at the old provider, we offer you a discount equal to the period you have already paid.

Promotional code: JV89GSYI7K / monthly payment

Promotional code: QYSB199GC2 / annually payment



to improve and simplify your hosting experience

Customer Support 24/7

We are prompt in every situation.
We can communicate very easily with you even if we are well housed in Bunker. Our Customer Support team is always on, ready for a reply anytime. You will receive notifications in real-time about the status of your site.

The perks of Sitebunker for Prestashop Hosting

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With Sitebunker, you can give your site the best host and you will not have to sacrifice your little pleasures. Both you and your site will be pampered, one with avocados and mussels, the other with Gigabites.

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Paranoia isn’t welcome in Sitebunker. For that black joke when you give access to the wrong person and that person changes your password, we have a solution. Plan B from Back-up, not any back-up but daily and free of charge.

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Are you sure that you have the best flavor popcorn website? Do others know that you own the best popcorn website with flavors and want to remove it? Keep calm, we are working to secure your site with Ddos solution for your domination to continue.